Stew Friedman: Living An Integrated Life Through Total Leadership, Episode #25

An integrated life sounds like an impossible dream in our fast-paced digital age. But there are outstanding leaders in the field of management and personal development who are helping us navigate the confusing path we face. One of those pioneers and guides is Stewart Friedman. Stew was one of my professors when I attended the Wharton School and he continues to astound me with the relevant and impacting work he’s doing to help us understand what goes into being a true master of leadership. In this episode, we discuss the concepts in his most recent books and get a taste of the tremendous difference the principles of Total Leadership he’s discovered are making in the lives of real leaders in real business environments – and in the lives of those who they lead.

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What can you do that creates value for our business, your family, your community, and yourself?

One of the primary questions Stew has learned to ask all of his students – and that he teaches leaders of companies to ask their team members is this: “What can you do that creates value for the business, your family, your community, and yourself?” It may sound like a strange question for business leaders to be asking but Stew has discovered that every person is able to come up with an answer that fulfills all 4 aspects of the question – and when they clearly define their answer and begin applying it, everyone involved benefits in amazing ways. Listen to this episode of Masters of Leadership to hear some of the stories Stew tells, and learn how you can do your own self-assessments related to these areas.

3 principles of an integrated life: be real, be whole, be innovative

Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, it’s important that you learn what it means to live in an integrated way. Stew Friedman has pioneered work that redefines what it means to be a leader in the modern era and is helping leaders and team members all over the world learn to be real, whole, and innovative – all at the same time. In this conversation, Stew and I discuss how those three elements make up an integrated life, the kinds of results that come from doing so, and why he believes that leaders across the globe need to learn how to live out these three qualities more successfully.

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MYTH: You have to sacrifice important things to be successful

It’s become a common belief among career-minded individuals that in order to be truly successful there are important things that have to be sacrificed, at least for short periods of time. But Stew Friedman is progressively demonstrating that those kinds of beliefs are more myth than reality. Those who are careful to focus on three primary areas – authenticity, wholeness (body, mind, soul) and innovation actually do better at accomplishing their professional goals than others and are happier in the process. Find out what Stew has seen by listening to this episode, or grab a copy of his latest book, “Total Leadership.”

If a leader lives an integrated life, she builds incredible trust with her team

One of the most powerful aspects of living an integrated life is that it’s done in a transparent way, for everyone to see. That means that leaders of this kind not only talk about living and working in a certain manner, they demonstrate it to those they lead. This builds incredible trust for the leader and enables the team to maintain a level of synergy and collaboration that isn’t typical for business teams – and it all beings with the leader. Stew Friedman has pioneered the work in this area so be sure you listen to my conversation with him and find out how you can do your own self-assessment, both for your personal life and for your leadership, on this episode.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [0:48] Who is Stewart Friedman?
  • [2:50] Leadership: Mobilizing people toward a better place
  • [3:45] The importance of creating harmony between the different parts of your life
  • [5:28] The primary lessons from Stew’s most recent books: life integration & success
  • [12:51] What are the new questions leaders must ask in the new digital world?
  • [17:27] How to enable a culture of total leadership in a team?
  • [23:08] One action you can take to build a more integrated life

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