Personal Brand Coaching: Elevate Your Impact as an Executive

Impactful and Actionable. Every. Single. Time

Welcome to the arena where leadership meets transformational change. Erica Dhawan, a distinguished executive coach, extends an exclusive invitation to selected executives committed to mastering the art of leadership influence and communications in the modern business landscape.

Strategic Personal Branding

Define Your Leadership Legacy: In the realm of corporate leadership, a distinct personal brand is not just an asset; it’s a necessity. Erica’s strategic branding expertise guides executives to craft a compelling public presence that resonates with stakeholders across digital, global and multi-generational marketplace and sets a visionary tone for the entire organization.

Persuasive Speaking

Engage Audiences with Executive Presence: the ability to communicate effectively is paramount for any executive. Erica’s coaching empowers you to articulate your vision with authority, engage with confidence, and leave a lasting impression on every audience, from the boardroom to the global stage.

Influential Leadership

Cultivate a Culture of Excellence: True leadership extends beyond individual capability—it’s about inspiring excellence throughout your organization and motivating others across generations, cultures and distance. Erica’s approach to executive influence helps executives foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and performance that drives sustainable growth and ensures global competitiveness.

"One of the best opportunities of my entire career."

- Ashok Chennaru, Chief Data Officer, Elevance Health

“Hiring Erica Dhawan as an advisor has easily been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Within the last three years that I worked with Erica, we saw massive shifts in executive development growth. Even more importantly, Erica is willing to ask me the hard questions and challenge us all to elevate. Erica truly cares about my success and I’m so grateful for her support.” – Rajeev Ronanki, CEO at Lyric

“I have leveraged Erica as a leadership coach and mentor. She is thoughtful, inspirational, and smart with a contagious positive energy.” – Lisa McCann, Chief Operating Officer & Global Head of Customer Success and Delivery Services at Korn Ferry

“Erica has a remarkable understanding of what it really takes to succeed in business and life –– connecting with people. She is unbelievably smart at crafting coaching that set leaders in motion to do great things. Her passion and caring are palpable and infectious.” – Tiffany Dufu, President at Tory Burch Foundation

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