Michael Bungay Stanier: Leadership Growth Through Becoming More Coachlike, Episode 14

Everyone who is in a management or leadership position within a company is interested in maximizing their leadership growth. Michael Bungay Stanier says that one of the fastest and most effective ways to do that is by becoming more coachlike. It’s his belief that if leaders can learn to deal with their team members and subordinates from the perspective of a coach they will be able to lead them more effectively, motivate them more powerfully, and keep the team dynamics healthy and strong. This conversation is full of insight that I hope you will take time to here.

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A much-needed leadership behavior: Stay curious longer and give advice and coaching more slowly

Leadership growth is not something that happens by accident. Those in positions of leadership need to be intentional about modifying their thinking and behavior when it comes to the way they lead. Michael Bungay Stanier says that there are many behaviors that leaders need to modify for greater results and one of the most important is that they need to learn how to stay curious longer and give their advice and answers more slowly. This allows time for team members to think on their own and respond with possible solutions and benefits that would otherwise be missed if the leader kept talking. This simple tip alone and the way Michael explains it is worth the time it will take you to listen.

Most leaders think they don’t have time to add coaching to their present role – and they are right

Most leaders believe they don’t have time to add coaching to their already busy roles, and they are right. Michael Bungay Stanier says they don’t need to add coaching to the role, they just need to learn to be more coachlike. He and the team at Box of Crayons aim to help business leaders ensure that the activities they are already engaged in are infused with a coach like attitude and approach. The simple, moment by moment interactions that happen every day are the places that good coaching occurs. Michael has tremendous insight about this and I enjoyed hearing him expand on what he’s learned. I’m confident you will too.

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Leaders should not be the ones to solve all the problems and provide all the solutions. They should be developing the problem-solving skills of their team

No leader in her right mind should be creating a team that is dependent on her for all of the answers. That sets up the team for failure and creates a culture that breeds frustration. Great leaders are all about equipping, empowering the people on the team to think and problem-solve on their own, which elevates the success of the entire team. Michael Bungay Stanier works with business leaders to teach them the coaching skills that will enable exactly that. His insights are valuable and he shares plenty of them on this episode, so make sure you listen.

When leaders truly get the gist of what it means to be more coachlike in how they lead, the natural question that comes up is “What’s in it for me?”

Being more coachlike as a leader is both about the way you think and the way you interact with the people on your team. One of the greatest benefits of learning these methods of leadership is that they enable you to work less but have more impact through the work you do. You are able to see your interactions with your team pay off to a greater degree and watch their success levels rise. It’s what every leader wants to see, but not everyone understands that the way to do it is to interact with the team in the way a good coach would. Find out more from my guest on this episode, Michael Bungay Stanier.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:34] Why Michael doesn’t have a snappy definition of leadership
  • [7:45] The work Michael’s team is doing at Box of Crayons
  • [11:05] The greatest challenges for leaders and managers who are learning to coach
  • [14:06] Changes that have happened in coaching and how it’s impacting leadership
  • [19:23] Does coaching within a team work at a distance when team is distributed?
  • [22:10] Michael’s tips to help listeners do more great work

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