Develop Your Collaboration Skills Through Generosity-Based Relationships, with Dorie Clark, Episode #4

Collaboration is one of those amazing things that provides an outcome that is greater than the sum of its parts, but it doesn’t come naturally for most people. And it’s hard to develop collaboration skills that truly bring results without the help of someone who’s been down that road. My guest today is one of those helpful people – Dorie Clark is an amazing brand consultant, speaker, and author who has a finger on the pulse of what it takes to build relationships that can be leveraged into powerful win-win collaborations. Listen to our conversation to hear Dorie’s tips for building your collaboration skills and enjoying the benefits that come from generous relationships.

The entrepreneurial spirit is about finding win-win situations that truly help people.

Collaboration and entrepreneurship don’t immediately sound like they go together. We often have the image of an entrepreneur as a Lone Ranger style individual who’s blazing a new trail all on their own. But Dorie Clark says the entrepreneurial spirit is all about finding and creating win-win situations that truly help people, and that often translates into forming collaborative relationships with other entrepreneurs or small business owners. In this conversation, Dorie and I talk about generosity as the basis for great collaborations and she explains how entrepreneurs can slowly but steadily build a network of genuine relationships that provide great value to everyone involved. This is a practical episode worth sharing.

If you are going to be an entrepreneur, collaboration is key to accomplishing more and better things.

Dorie Clark’s newest book, “Entrepreneurial You” is packed with examples of people who have learned that large-scale success as an entrepreneur depends on the cooperation and collaboration of others. But how do you build those relationships in a genuine way that doesn’t seem forced? Dorie provides a number of examples of entrepreneurs who have grown good relationships into great ones by giving more than they took, with the result being collaborative efforts that served everyone involved in powerful ways. You won’t want to miss these real-life examples – they will inspire you to think bigger when it comes to building the collaboration skills you need in order to accomplish more and better things with the help of others.

Generosity is at the heart of building community and fostering collaboration.

Every entrepreneur wants to build something that serves the needs of others. It’s that same attitude of service and generosity that can be leveraged into relationships that take their dreams farther, faster. In this conversation, Dorie Clark explains why entrepreneurs who approach the idea of collaboration from a place of generous giving – holding nothing back – are the ones who find the greatest success long-term. She also shares her own tips for building community and becoming a true master of collaborative relationships. Don’t miss it.

One of the most important collaboration skills is the development of your sense of timing.

All of us who are entrepreneurs know what it’s like to have a great idea and then immediately begin talking about it to anyone who will listen. We try to get others enthused, seeking to enlist their help in getting broader exposure for our stroke of “genius.” But Dorie Clark says that’s not always the best idea. If you haven’t taken the time to research the market needs surrounding the idea and build out an initial plan for its implementation, your efforts at fostering collaboration could be all for naught. Others won’t know how to think about your idea in real-world terms and consequently, will have nowhere to go with it. Dorie explains why a sense of proper timing is a vital collaboration skill and gives suggestions for how to develop it, on this episode of Masters of Leadership.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:48] My introduction of my guest, Dorie Clark and her specialization in branding and collaboration.
  • [4:01] A specific example of a person who exhibits the idea of “entrepreneurial you.”
  • [7:00] How to leverage collaboration without sacrificing productivity and efficiency.
  • [10:20] The ways collaboration is different in virtual VS face to face contexts.
  • [12:45] Guidelines Dorie follows to effectively build community.
  • [15:50] Tips for becoming a master of collaboration.
  • [19:40] How you can get a copy of Dorie’s free entrepreneurial self-assessment.

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