New Company Launch: Cotential

cotential_full__finalCan you believe February is already almost over? I don’t know about you, but, for me, 2014 is moving fast, and it’s showing no signs of stopping! As you know, I kicked off the new year by launching Cotential, a firm dedicated to unleashing the connected potential of people everywhere to solve pressing challenges.  Getting Cotential up and running this month has proven both nerve-racking and extremely exciting. With the start of any growing company, there is a lot of preparation and work to be done in a short period of time. However, it’s that burst of activity right at the beginning that makes launching a new company so exciting. It has been incredible to watch Cotential grow so quickly in just a few weeks, and I am grateful for all of your support in promoting Cotential’s goal of creating a more informed and inspired world through a more connected world.
As I have realized recently, it really is my network of connections and resources that have made the launch of Cotential possible. Just as I hope to show people through my company, Cotential, it is possible for you too to use your networks in our increasingly connected world to make your goals happen—whether it’s starting your own company like I did, driving the growth of your business, or jumpstarting innovation within your organization.  To learn more about how you can use your innate connected potential—your cotential—to achieve breakthroughs, check out this guide on Unleashing Cotential.
As 2014 races forward, cheers to a year full of opportunity, success, and unlocked human cotential. I spent last week leading a keynote panel on The Value of Networks at Social Media Week with leading executives from Bloomberg and CNN and am off to California and South by Southwest next week. 

The year is in full steam!