Liz Wiseman: The Power of Multiplication In Leadership, Episode 15

The Power of Multiplication is something most leaders are not even aware of, but my guest on this episode – Liz Wiseman – has literally written the book on the subject. Her work introduces the concept of multipliers VS diminishers, particularly as they relate to leadership roles in organizations. Her belief is that the leaders who learn how to maximize the power of multiplication are the leaders who lead happy, successful, energized teams. Listen to our conversation to hear the subtle but powerful differences leaders who are multipliers make.

Diminishers tend to give directions whereas multipliers tend to define possibilities. Which kind of leader do you want to be?

There is so much literature that exists about leadership and everyone who takes their role as a leader seriously tends to be a student of it. Liz Wiseman’s work about leaders who are multipliers is revolutionary in that it helps leaders adapt to the technological and cultural changes that are impacting the way leadership happens. You don’t want to forge ahead based on your old concepts of leadership without seriously considering what Liz has discovered. Your leadership and your teams will be exponentially better as you apply what she shares.

Leaders who are multipliers get more performance out of those who they lead – up to 95% more. That’s why wise leaders learn to be multipliers

When Liz Wiseman talks about leaders being multipliers – what is she really saying? It’s the idea that leaders in the modern age need to effectively draw out the insights and talents of the people on their teams to multiply the resources and potential the organization can experience. This leads to greater achievement all around. The opposite type of leader is what she calls a diminisher, a leader who actually decreases the amount of contribution and impact the individual members of the team have in the organization. It’s clear which one you want to be, but do you know how? Liz explains and gives some of the most practical tips you could ask for, on this episode.

Leaders who insist on being the superstar cause their teams to be apathetic and turn the culture toxic. Here’s how to ensure you do exactly the opposite

We’ve all known leaders who can’t share credit, have to be the ones to come up with all the ideas, and make those who attempt to contribute feel sorry that they did. Liz Wiseman calls that kind of leader a diminisher, a person who keeps themselves at the top of the pecking order despite the skills and expertise of their team members. The results of that kind of leadership are truly toxic. Find out how Liz suggests any leader can become a multiplier and adapt their leadership style to produce a healthy team environment and productive working relationships, on this episode.

Gone are the days when a single leader can know what it takes to lead a team successfully. Collaboration is needed and leaders have to ask the right questions

Due to the faster pace of business spawned by technological advances no leader can expect to be the source of all wisdom and answers for a working team. Collaboration is the word of the day, and good leaders need to know how to ask the right questions to bring out the insight and skill their team brings to the table. In this episode of Masters of Leadership, my guest Liz Wiseman shares three powerful and practical tips any leader can use to improve their team’s collaboration and set them up for greater success. You can’t help but benefit from suggestions as great as these.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:11] The definition of leadership Liz has adopted (from Jim Collins)
  • [4:38] The difference between leaders who multiply VS those who diminish
  • [15:15] Why it’s harder to be a multiplying leader in a virtual work world
  • [21:58] Liz’ tips for leaders who want to become better multipliers

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