Claudia Chan: How To Make a Social Impact and Affect Positive Change, Episode #17

Claudia Chan is one of those rare individuals who makes a social impact and everything she does. She is a sterling example of a woman who is taking her life seriously both on a personal level and in the broader ways she is leaving a mark on the world. Claudia is a recognized expert on leadership and a social entrepreneur who is dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations to effect change in the world. One of the areas she focuses on significantly is the area of gender equality. In this conversation, you will hear us discuss why she wrote her most recent book, “How We Rise,” how she balances her personal and public life, and why she believes this is the time for many people to rise up and make an impact on the world for good.

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Women: Recognize the influence you could have, where you are. Make a social impact

With a person like Claudia Chan as my guest, I didn’t want to waste the opportunity of discovering what advice she has for women in this day and age. The challenges and disappointments of 2017 place us in a unique time in history and Claudia is not one to shrink back from the challenges. She says that women need to recognize the influence they can have when it comes to making a positive change in the world. That influence doesn’t have to happen only through large corporations and high-profile platforms, it happens right where you are every day. You can hear Claudia’s full explanation of what she means, on this episode.

Do you know your social purpose? What impact will you make?

One of the things Claudia said in this conversation that stuck out to me was that we often hear people talking about discovering their life purpose… but she believes that trying to discover your life purpose is entirely too broad. It’s a pursuit that leads to a great deal of confusion rather than clarity. She believes that we all have many purposes – personal, work, social, and many more. Her most recent focus has been in challenging people to consider their social purpose. What is the social impact they determine to make on the world through the limited amount of time that they have on the planet? Answering that question is one of the best ways to become an instrument of change and an inspiration to others. Listen to Claudia’s ideas about becoming the change you want to see, on this episode.

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Leave your life for the world: Contribute more than you extract

We live in a consumer-oriented society. It seems that everyone is out to get whatever they can for themselves. Claudia Chan is encouraging people everywhere to think on a different level, according to a different perspective. What would it mean for you to leave your life for the world, to contribute more than you extract? Claudia says that if more of us ask that question and consider seriously how we could give back, the world would change in short order. I find myself inspired to think bigger and take bigger steps toward change when I talk with Claudia, and I believe you will be in spired too as you listen to what she has to share.

How big companies can massively accelerate gender equality

One of the areas of inequality that has plagued American Society for hundreds of years is in the area of gender. Women’s rights have come a long way but there are still many injustices and wrong attitudes that exist. Claudia Chan believes that big companies can massively accelerate the cause of gender equality through taking the issue seriously, implementing company-wide initiatives that provide opportunity and encourage advancement for women, and level the playing field every place they find inequity. Claudia’s ideas are not only challenging, they are shaping the conversation in many significant ways. You need to hear the important things this dynamic woman has to share, and you can on this episode.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Leadership: Moving something from there to there in order to produce positive change
  • [3:15] Why Claudia wrote her new book, “This Is How We Rise”
  • [6:08] The desire to live in alignment with purpose and meaning
  • [7:39] How 2018 looks for gender equality impact and growth
  • [12:58] Claudia’s advice for women in corporate America
  • [15:55] Tips for becoming a changemaker who helps us all to rise

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