8 Ways to Avoid Being Overwhelmed

Justincz | Dreamstime Stock Photos | Stock Free Images

Justincz | Dreamstime Stock Photos | Stock Free Images

You know the feeling. You start to feel terrible, like you’re falling behind in your business or career and not being productive at all. Time & Productivity out of whack? Yeah, I’ve totally been there too.

The biggest myth about productivity isn’t about tips, its about focusing on what you really want to do. . But it involves finding ways to do things more efficiently on everyday basis.

There are some simple tools to make it happen—when you try for yourself. Here are my Top 7 Key Productivity Tools:

1)    Never log onto Facebook or Twitter the first thing in the day. The night before, think of the two things that must get done and write those down. When you get them done, you’ll feel productive.

2)    Make a “Do Less” List: Steve Jobs told his management team—we need to do less, not more. Provoke your company or organization to do less by noticing what you’ll do less of each month.

3)    Check your email three times a day..MAX. Stop checking email so much. You know what I’m talking about.

4)    Use Boomerang. Schedule your messages so you can be more available and accessible and reach people at the best time.

5)    Use Rapportive. Pull up social networks in the sidebar of your gmail account.  It will show you their Linked in profile, last 5 tweets, and their Facebook page. A quick way to connect with others.

6)    Use Google Voice. Sends text message transcription of the voicemails you receive to your email.  

7)    Use Evernote. Hands down—a super productive online tool to organize your files, notes, and top articles.

8)    Try Instapaper. Want to save articles so you can read them later? Instapaper is your answer!

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  1. Wow! I can never get enough when it comes to learning about technologies in exisitence that can help me organize my time. I’ve got several more now that I’ll have to check out.

  2. Avni Shah says:

    I start my day by checking my mails and then doing my own tasks. These additional apps will help make my tasks more effective. Great suggestions!

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