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I make navigating hybrid and remote work EASY, so you can stand out and get ahead in the modern workplace.

I’m here to tell you YOU CAN have your cake AND eat it too..

The Erica Dhawan Course Suite

Welcome to business school (without the uncomfortable chairs and fluorescent lighting) where you can sip on a coffee or a cocktail, hangout with me, and learn how to become a game-changing leader in the hybrid and remote workplace work step-by-step.

Early birds and night owls alike - set your own class schedule and access any of my courses anytime and anywhere in the world. Let’s go!

Decode Digital Communication

Stand Out Behind the Screen

Let’s talk about exclamation points and whether emojis are appropriate in professional communication. Let’s talk about how we can foster genuine and authentic communication to build powerful connections across a screen.

We’ll answer the tough questions like, “How do we avoid miscommunication and mistrust when we communicate over email, text, and video?” and “How do we show we’re listening and exercise empathy in the virtual world?”

I’ve compiled everything you need to know to be a better listener, leader, and doer in the hybrid and remote workplace into bite-sized lessons that will leave you feeling motivated, aligned, and ready to take your career to the next level.

How to Manage a Hybrid Team

Innovative Leadership in the Modern Workplace

Transitioning from remote to hybrid work isn’t easy. Leading a hybrid team takes a special kind of skill - I’ll teach you everything you need to know to promote positive and impactful team collaboration, no matter the distance. You’ll learn how to establish norms around digital communication with your team. We’ll talk about the critical elements of hybrid work leadership and how to encourage ownership and accountability across the digital divide all while building an authentic and inclusive team.

I’ll share stories from real hybrid work managers who I helped to eliminate unnecessary emails and meetings and reduce cross-team dysfunction and build a culture of trust. Then, I’ll teach you how to do the same with actionable steps you can implement immediately.

Sales Success Across a Screen

Improve Virtual Relationships and Close Deals

Selling across the digital divide opens the door to drive revenue up and to the right like never before - no, I’m not kidding! I’ll show you how to embrace omnichannel communications while understanding your potential customer’s digital preferences. You’ll understand exactly how to create personal and emotional experiences over virtual channels that keep prospects coming back for more.

When you complete this course, you’ll know when you use real-time communication (phone, video, chat, etc.) vs. asynchronous communication (e-mail, text, social media, etc.) to maximize sales, regardless of distance. After every lesson you’ll close your laptop feeling motivated, aligned, and ready to tackle your next virtual sales call with communication that SELLS.

Executive Presence Mastery

Skills for Today's Leaders

The world has changed and so has the workplace. Suddenly, the majority of your company isn’t in the office most days and leading an organization looks vastly different. Don’t worry. I have you covered. I’ll show you how to establish your executive presence in the digital world. I’ll teach you how to create effective cross-silo communication rooted in trust, and you’ll learn how to cultivate authentic and inclusive team building.

Get ready to enhance accelerated collaborations in your sleep because you’ll be getting more of it once you take this course! Gone are the days of inefficient micromanagement and unintentionally inducing digital anxiety. The syllabus for this course is chalk-full of tangible take-aways that will help you drive culture change across your organization that keeps pace with the modern world.

I’ve spent over 15 years studying human innovation and collaboration to figure out how to crack the code and have it all - like a successful career built with less stress and frustration from the comfort of your pajama pants. The secret? Effective communication - and I’m here to share everything I know with you.