Stand Out in Your Career, Improve Your Digital Body Language

Maybe you have struggled to create authentic connections with colleagues and friends in the virtual workplace.  With the increased amount of digital communications, perhaps you have also experienced an increase in miscommunications, uncertainty and angst.  What are the hidden signals we are receiving and sending?  More importantly, what does it all mean?

Stand Out in Your Career, Improve Your Digital Body Language is designed to help you master and decode digital communications to help you stand out in the office and cultivate game-changing performance. The in-depth course consists of over 10 video modules and a downloadable Digital Body Language Style Guide, Team Exercises, Foundational Guide and Team Quiz. With extensive research and honest stories from CEOs of leading companies, you will learn real ways to supercharge collaboration in our digital world to achieve career success.

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What will you learn in this course?

With the lessons from the course, you will feel motivated, aligned, and ready to take your career to the next level. You will implement intentional changes that will make you a better listener, leader, and doer.

Network in a genuine and authentic way to build powerful connections

Stand out professionally with a strong virtual executive presence

Identify the best methods for game-changing collaboration


Who is this course for?

Stand Out in Your Career, Improve you Digital Body Language is an in-depth online course that you can access anytime, anywhere, in any part of the world. After registering, you will be given immediate access to all the course materials, so you can watch it all immediately or set a weekly pace to build new habits.

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Student Reviews

Erica is a talented coach. I've re-watched each module and always leave with practical strategies to implement in my daily work. I'd recommend this course to Millennials looking to understand why their bosses communicate the way they do.
Rob Berk
I loved this course! My team takes online courses often and this one really hit it out of the park. Erica is great at explaining everything from scientific research to anecdotes that make the concept come to life.
Maesha Shonar
Erica offers a great combination of real-world stories and actionable advice that's especially relevant now. As a manager of globally distributed teams, I've found the concepts to be very useful and they've helped me lead more inclusively and effectively. Thanks Erica!
Ibrahim Ayub

Course Structure

  • Introduction
  • Digital Power Plays & Anxiety (Why are you so stressed?)
  • The Online Disinhibition Effect (Why are we so rude online?)
  • Trust and Power on a Digital Playing Field
  • Four Sources of Digital Anxiety
  • Choosing a Digital Medium
  • Keeping up with the Emojis…and the Evolution of Punctuation
  • Waiting and Wondering: Digital Ghosting & Slow Response Times
  • Your Digital Persona, Your Life
  • Remote Leadership: Using Phone and Video Calls
  • Gender and Digital Body Language
  • Generations & Digital Body Language
  • Digital Body Language Style Guide
  • Digital Styles Team Exercise
  • Getting to Trust Totally
  • Digital Body Language Colleague Quiz



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This course is made for anyone who engages in hybrid communication – so, basically, everyone. Erica works with everyone from teachers and doctors adapting to remote work to the world’s leading international organizations that have been working digitally to some extent for many years. If digital communication has ever caused you anxiety or if you’ve ever experienced a digital misunderstanding, this course is for you. 

Yes. Erica Dhawan provides a Stand Out in Your Career, Improve Your Digital Body Language certificate that you can share to validate your completion of the course and to showcase your expertise.

The concepts in this course are not fundamentally different than those in the book. However, the video format allows Erica to dive deeper into certain topics. In addition, the course provides you access to a group of your peers, downloadable worksheets, an on-demand keynote presentation, and monthly  Q&A sessions with Erica. 

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Your enrollment includes lifetime access to the course!

The time commitment is up to you. The course modules are fully on-demand, so you can take the course at your own pace and come back to it anytime. 

About Erica

Erica Dhawan is a globally recognized leadership expert and keynote speaker helping organizations and leaders innovate faster and further, together. Erica has spoken, worldwide, to organizations and enterprises that range from the World Economic Forum to U.S. and global Fortune 500 companies, associations, sports teams, and government institutions. Named as one of the top management professionals around the world by Global Gurus, she is the founder and CEO of Cotential – a company that has helped leaders and teams leverage twenty-first-century collaboration skills globally. Her writing has appeared in dozens of publications, including Fast Company and Harvard Business Review. She has an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School, MBA from MIT Sloan, and BS from The Wharton School.

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