I lead afternoon, one-day & weekend workshops for teams & departments —
up to 50 people at a spin.

From lively Innovation Sandboxes to Inter-generational Round Tables
to movement & creativity whirlwinds of dance, music & brainstorming —
I’ve got something for every team to enjoy.

“Charisma, versatility & charm make Erica’s Bollywood-inspired workshops a can-do for people of all ages and abilities! Before you know it, total strangers are engaged in a group dance like nothing you've experienced before."
—Rachel Keyser, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

My signature WORKSHOPS include:

: The Innovation Sandbox
Generational, cultural & gender differences can create miscommunication & friction —
but with the right culture in place, you can alchemize diversity into GOLD.

Innovation Sandboxes offer a structured-yet-playful space to generate why-didn’t-we-think-of-that ideas & profitable products for your company. No hierarchies.
No rules. No dogma. Just brilliance.

: The Inter-generational Round Table
When Baby-boomers, Gen-Xers & Gen-Yers are given a chance to grab the mic,
a LOT of (good) questions bubble up.

: Should your company be using Twitter and Foursquare?  
: Should account executives wine & dine clients after hours?  
: Should there be a 'no cell-phone' rule in meetings?  
: Should your company switch to a Results-Only Environment, and lift the 40-hour a week expectation?

In this facilitated conversation, emerging leaders from every generation will have a chance to articulate their fears, needs, priorities & hopes for the company — setting the stage for cultural alchemy, transformation & understanding.

: The How-To’s of Sparring.
Traditional mentoring takes a top-down approach — older people give advice, younger people zip their lips & take notes. It's so last century.

Sparring is a cross-generational style of coaching that allows Baby-boomers, Gen-Xers & Gen-Yers to coach each other, with mutual respect & encouragement.
The result? Friction-free communication, an open flow of ideas & profitable collaboration.

: Innovative MOVES
It's not magic — it's just movement. Dance, music & physical self-expression unlock creativity, build trust within teams & trigger lasting change. Warning: includes Bollywood-inspired grooving & shaking. Stretch pants recommended. Smiling required.

“Erica deserves major credit for making everyone feel welcome at her workshop, and for throwing a great deal of fun into the mix (Bollywood Dance, anyone?) I’ve gained confidence and learned more about myself — and nearly a week later, I’m still inspired by Erica. If you want to be thoroughly inspired, this is the woman you want.”
—Vanessa Lewis, Founder, Dorchestors Daughter Publishing

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