Own It Coaching

Own it coaching is for your life, career & leadership potential.

When it comes to creating the life & career of your dreams
(and I mean your dreams, not your parents’ dreams or your boss’ dreams)
the secret ingredient is OWNERSHIP.

You’ve got to OWN your authority, your values, and your goals.

It’s about getting clear on how you want to be of service —
and creating a plan to get your talents noticed.

“As a coach, Erica is inspiring & sincere. She helped me to clarify my leadership talents & become mindful about my real motivations. With her support, I created a successful & sustainable leadership project at the Kennedy School — and finally found the words to articulate my life's calling.”
—Feya Hillel, Brandeis graduate student at the M.A. program for Coexistence and Conflict

Coaching with me is very different than working with a college career counselor or beloved mentor.

I’m going to push you to define your career on your OWN terms — which might mean taking bold risks, demanding a raise, challenging & questioning your supervisors, upleveling straight to a leadership position — even (gasp!) upsetting your parents.

Don’t worry — they’ll get over it, when you’re accepting your Nobel Prize.

You’ve got two styles of short-burst coaching to choose from:


Ever wonder . . .
. . . how to get into a top MBA program while managing your day job?
. . . how to get picked for leadership, travel & training opportunities?
. . . how to lock down a flex-time schedule that allows you to work on other projects, without ruffling everyone’s feathers?
. . . how to become a fully-fledged entrepreneur & launch your first business or digital book?

Your career is going to be full of happy detours, tricky conversations, forward-moving failures . . . and you’re the only authority on your unique adventure.

The CAREER ADVENTURE is a exploration of how you want to spend your waking (and working) hours, the income you’re ready to earn, and the connections you’re aching to make.

Two options:

Prepare for 4 fourty-five minute coaching sessions with me, over the course of 2 months —


Prepare for 12 fourty-five minute coaching sessions with me, over the course of 6 months

with independent projects & real-world workplace challenges, in between.

Perfect for clients all over the world. Phone & email, all the way . . .

“Erica's coaching was life-changing and illuminated areas that have kept me stuck for years. She empowered me to go beyond what I’d ever dreamed possible, and finally grasp my full career potential. Dynamic!”
–Sarah Molitor, Chief Development Officer of Wunderkind Life & a Harvard Masters Graduate of Mind, Brain & Education


A full day of life & leadership exploration, creative career strategy & physical self-expression.

Translation: I’m going to ask you (difficult but necessary) questions about what you want, what you don’t, and how you want to be remembered. We’ll co-create a plan to help you get to your next-level career, shake up your workplace (or become your OWN boss, with an entrepreneurial venture) and leverage your talents.

And then — we dance. No, literally. Prepare for a Bollywood-inspired movement class to wrap up the day. Chai tea? On me.

You'll spend the day with me in New York City, or I'll beam over to you through Skype.
Need to recap & bounce back? We'll schedule a 60-minute call within two weeks of your session.

Ready to OWN your world?

Contact me to set up an exploratory chat, and lay out your vision . . .