Keynote Speaking

Erica is on a mission to advise organizations and leaders to reduce complexity, become masters of connectional intelligence, drive silo busting collaboration and ensure future global competitiveness. Through Erica’s keynote speeches and interactive presentations she’ll do just that.

Equal parts business strategist, motivational speaker and innovation expert, her speaking style is personal, fresh, humor-laden and energetic. Erica is a gifted presenter who is able to read a room, customize her approach and style accordingly, and draw audiences in with her storytelling and pragmatic solutions to your organization’s most pressing challenges, setting her apart from anyone else you’ve heard.

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Keynote Topics include:

Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence

High Performance Hacks: Build a Complexity Busting Organization

Misunderstood: The Scientific Secrets of Modern Communication

Signature Keynotes

Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence:

We typically associate success and leadership with smarts, passion and luck. But in today’s hypercompetitive world, even those gifts aren’t enough. Strategist Erica Dhawan argues that the game changer is a thoroughly modern skill called Connectional Intelligence (CxQ). Virtually anyone can maximize his or her potential, and achieve breakthrough performance, by developing this crucial ability.

So, what is it? Connectional Intelligence is the ability to combine knowledge, ambition and human capital, forging connections on a global scale that create unprecedented value and meaning. As radical a concept as Emotional Intelligence was in the 90s, Connectional Intelligence is turning people into superconnectors who accelerate innovation, break down silos and foster breakthrough top and bottom line impact.

This dynamic, engaging, high-energy, fast-paced keynote will help participants understand the practice of using connectional intelligence as the key to professional success and leadership in the 21st century. Attendees will learn new insights and tools to accelerate the connected power of teams, become more agile and innovative, and drive breakthrough ideas and outcomes.

Learning outcomes include:

  • How anyone can excel not just through skills and smarts, but through Connectional Intelligence
  • Keys to leveraging your networks and connections, and creating contagious positive results
  • Successful tactics used to address connectional overload and in changing turbulent times
  • How leaders create deep connections of fierce loyalty and respect from their team and customers
  • How connectionally intelligent leaders outperform the competition and create remarkable results

Now it’s your turn to leverage the secrets of the people using connectional intelligence. It’s your turn to “Get Your Big Things Done.” You’ll be surprised just how easy it is.

High Performance Hacks: Build a Complexity Busting Organization: 

The modern workplace has become excessively complicated and we pay the price with unnecessary emails, phone calls and meetings. Organizations are stronger with cross functional teams, yet they deal with massive constraints, leading to endless dysfunction and delays.

Why do some organizations deliver high performance and others not? The answer is Connectional Intelligence  — the critical capability that delivers leading innovation, creates increasing value for customers and other stakeholders, capitalizes on the talent of the younger workforce and ensures future global competitiveness.

In this dynamic, engaging, high-energy, fast-paced keynote, Erica Dhawan shares insights into how leaders can bring out the connectional intelligence of your employees and utilize the talents that different silos, cultures, and generations all bring to the table.  This is a powerful, interactive presentation for leaders who seek to breakthrough generational friction, drive innovation, shift company culture and transform the untapped connectional intelligence of your entire workforce.

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Insights to deliver game changing collaboration to reduce complexity and inefficiency
  • Actionable tools and prescriptive solutions to maximize cross-silo team engagement and performance
  • Tools to enhance individual and team effectiveness, achieving growth and maximizing business value

Misunderstood: The Scientific Secrets of Modern Communication:

A senior manager is troubled by an email from his boss. Without knowing why exactly, he understands that the period at the end of the word “No.” carries a meaning well beyond a typical mark of punctuation. When it’s possible to be set off by a period (and rightly so), we know are living in challenging times.

In this keynote, strategist and author Erica Dhawan explains the new rules of contemporary communication critical to reducing employee misunderstandings, confusion, frustration, and even corporate crises.

Based on original research, insights and anecdotal stories, Dhawan takes a fascinating, unexpected look at the expectations, boundaries and hidden meanings in today’s largely screen-based dialogues. Learn the new common sense rules of digital communication across business silos, levels, backgrounds and regions. Less about etiquette than business strategy, nor an expose of “old school” versus “millennial” habits, Dhawan argues that communication-based slip-ups and misunderstandings often take place among peers – and that regardless of which tech platforms are in vogue, they’re here to stay…and solve.

Learning Outcomes include:

  • Provide the new, common sense rules of the subtext of modern communication
  • Share today’s digital conversational styles and signals that can help eradicate misunderstandings and frustration to foster healthy teams
  • Provide concrete examples of the anxiety, confusion and misunderstandings inherent in contemporary conversation and explain how better engagement will lead to enhanced communication

What You Can Expect

Prior to each speaking engagement Erica’s team conducts detailed research in order to ensure event outcomes are achieved and tailored to your audience. Speaking engagements include:

1. One hour pre-event conference call

2. An optional confidential data review

3. A multi-page take-home handout

4. A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience

5. A custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees. It will include the slides Erica used in the presentation, along with links to books, articles, and other resources Erica believes will be helpful.

6. Upon request, Erica does not charge more than her regular keynote fee to do a breakout, moderate a panel or emcee a session provided she can return home same day. She can also provide an article for a client’s trade publication, newsletter or website following the event.

A Little About Erica

Erica has presented to corporations, universities, technologists, entrepreneurs, government agencies, and many other groups. Private corporate speaking has included places like Pepsico, Deloitte, Fidelity, McGraw Hill Financial, United Nations, Facebook, Social Media Week, Harvard University, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


“Erica’s presentation was absolutely perfect for our leaders. Our group was diverse and Erica was a hit with everyone! Her storytelling style of presenting along with a healthy dose of informative case studies kept everyone engaged and interested–and excited about using connectional intelligence to transform our business.” -George Chavel, Chairman and CEO emeritus of Sodexo

Erica was the keynote speaker at our 7th annual Women in Shared Services and Outsourcing event in NYC. She was excellent in all respects. Erica is a dynamic, thoughtful speaker. I would recommend her to any business with multi-generational work force. -Barbara Melby, Partner, Morgan Lewis

Erica Dhawan was an inspiring and provocative keynote speaker at our executive retreat. I highly recommend her and her work to senior executives seeking to build a thriving talent pool in the today’s world! -Allen Hockenbury, Director at Deloitte

Erica Dhawan delivered a superior keynote at our annual Business of Social Media Women’s Leadership Summit in New York, June 2013. I could not have been happier with her work. Our attendees raved: “Erica presented a provocative and compelling view of the impacts from and implications for use of social connectivity.” “great keynote speaker…vibrant and passionate about the topic with great insights and stories.” Several also added “Wow” – which is what I want to say. Wow. I HIGHLY recommend Erica as a speaker.

 – Janet Wigfield, Vice President, Executive Director, Conferences + Events, Working Mother Media

Erica is one of those rare speakers who are analytical, creative, and inspiring. Erica used those talents to WOW our audience at the POWER Detroit Conference. She has the ability to translate her ideas into clear presentational formats that not only educate, but engage executives and show bottom line impact. I would recommend her to present at any forum geared toward guiding today’s leading Fortune 500 executives.

 – Deirdre Joy Smith, Founder & President, POWER: Opening Doors for Women™

We received extremely positive feedback on Erica’s keynote presentation on Millennials. She delivered an informative, compelling session and captivated the audience with her energetic, dynamic delivery. Thank you for an outstanding presentation!

 – Tannis Redenkopp, Next Generation Leadership Summit, Rotman School of Management

Erica was one of the best speakers we’ve had. Her message was of great value to our teams at FedEx who ranged from Gen Y to Traditionalists! We left with specific actions we could use right away to drive more innovation across our teams.

– Mary Haley, Senior Advisor, FedEx Corporation

Erica is an extremely passionate & inspirational speaker. I would recommend her to any organization that is looking to take their young employees and leaders to the next level — and provide them with tools to be truly successful.

– Jo-Ann Tan, Marketing Manager, Acumen Fund

We hired Erica to help move our Institute to the ‘next level’, and her support helped us define our core mission, clarify key opportunities for profitable growth, and develop a powerful strategic retreat. Thanks, Erica, for your great work!

  – Otto Scharmer, Founder | Presencing Institute.

Erica is very gifted teacher, learner and leader. I recommend her enthusiastically to any organization that requires learning, teaching, and leadership.

– Marshall Ganz, Professor | Harvard University

Erica’s Innovation is an Art workshop was totally engaging and you could tell from the conversation, the comments, how long people stayed and their enthusiasm around the work that it was a huge success! Erica has a natural ability to make everyone feel at ease and dive into the work, and then learn from each other through a sharing of experience.

– Michelle Stanners, Founder of Cultural Agents Initiative | Harvard University

Charisma, versatility, and charm make Erica’s Bollywood dance workshop a can-do for people of all ages and abilities!  Before you know it, total strangers are engaged in a group dance like nothing you have experienced before.

– Rachel Keyser, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

Erica’s Navigating your Career workshop was game-changing. Erica helped me see the structures that had been blocking me, which I had not even realized. The strength of her training was that she posed simple yet profound questions, focused on the individual. I ran to my desk after those sessions, energized to work through the questions that she had posed. Within a one-hour training and two-hour homework session, I had re-connected with my calling and my fears had receded in the face of the resolve I now felt to pursue my path.

– Voop de Vulpierres, Harvard University