Erica Dhawan is Founder & CEO of Cotential, an innovation firm that helps organizations address their most pressing challenges through the power of people and their networks. 

As a true partner to the organizations with whom she works, Erica and her team draw on years of research and creating leadership development programs to design and implement customized solutions that get results. They have also partnered with leadership consultancies, marketing agencies, global institutes and think tanks to consult their clients, develop white papers, and devise new products and services.

:: Connectional Intelligence™ Consulting

Coined by Erica Dhawan and Saj-nicole Joni, Connectional Intelligence™ (CxQ) is the ability to combine knowledge, ambition and human capital, forging connections on a global scale that create unprecedented value and meaning. 

Connectional intelligence is not a new human capacity. But knowing about it and learning how to harness it are two different things. In today’s world connectional intelligence is a critical component to the leadership challenges of the future.
Companies that stand out in the 21st century are the ones that will leverage connectional intelligence in their workforce and the world around them.

How can Erica help you unleash Connectional Intelligence™ in your organization?

Connectional Intelligence™ – Half-Day Workshop

During this half-day workshop participants will gain in-depth knowledge on the concept of Connectional Intelligence™. More importantly, they will learn how to apply this concept to a current business challenge and how to transform costly generational disconnects into points of innovation and connection. They will see the model in action as they create solutions, which are the direct results of their ability to connect people, ideas and resources. Once they leave the workshop they will be able to identify problems that require a connectional intelligence solution and enhance its place in their organization.

Connectional Intelligence™ – Deep Dive One-Day Program

This program begins with a Connectional Intelligence™ diagnostic designed to analyze the challenges your organization is currently facing so that we can create the best experience for your participants.

Once we assess your team’s performance and fit she will work with you to develop management teams that are better poised to connect people, ideas, and resources; promote multi-generational engagement; implement innovative Sparring Zones; manage conflict: and generate breakthrough results.

So, not only will participants be able to understand and communicate the goals of building a culture of Connectional Intelligence™, but they will be able to apply the concept to company challenges and teach others to do the same.

This full-day program includes two coaching meetings within six months to support and help you apply connectional intelligence™ to projects that impact your company.

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:: Innovation Sparring Zone Consulting

Innovation Sparring Zones are zones of power free collaboration that become optimally innovative, responsive, and flexible by taking full advantage of its groups collective experience and of their diverging viewpoints and abilities. In Sparring Zones, CEOs, middle managers and millennials must all co-lead, allowing everyone to be heard and for multi-generational ideas to flourish. It is a launching pad that creates the foundation needed to unleash productive conflict across diverse teams and ideas.

How can we help you create Innovation Sparring Zones at your company?

:: Sparring Zone Workshop:  The How-To's of Sparring – Half -Day Workshop

Traditional mentoring takes a top-down approach — older people give advice, younger people zip their lips and take notes. But old models don’t work in our multi-generational, global workforce.

Sparring is a cross-generational style of coaching that allows Baby-boomers, Gen-Xers & Gen-Yers to provoke each other, with mutual respect & encouragement. The result? Friction-free communication, an open flow of ideas and profitable collaboration. This workshop provides new tools for a new era of collaboration and generational conflict.

Managers and leaders leave this training able to spar with their teams in a manner that brings results. They learn what questions to ask, which suggestions to make and how to adapt their styles to the styles of those on their team. By adopting this sparring approach, leaders send powerful messages to employees about each individual employee’s ability to add value to the company and as a result employees are more likely to stay at the company, increase the bottom line, and drive results.   

:: Sparring Zone Workshop:  Unleash Your Innovation Sandbox – Full Day Program

Your company is made of up talented, hard working, and diverse individuals.  Each employee brings his or her own idea to the table based on his or her age, rank and background.  These differences can be a frustrating challenge or a strategic opportunity depending entirely how leaders respond.

This full day program hones in on each group’s unique skill set to create why-didn’t-we-think-of-that projects for your company and teaches them how to spar to harness the power of all of the different views each generation brings to the table and to bring about more effective solutions.

This session also incorporates deep connection across teams. Using movement-based tools anchored in years of training, academic research and, well, fun, we help you get out of your head and into your body.  Hippie-dippie as it sounds, our bodies know things our minds don’t.  Movement gives us access to new ideas and realizations that would never come to us otherwise. These innovative techniques also put all of your employees on a level playing field as they bond over new experiences.  Team-building, non-verbal communication, fun-having – it’s all part of the formula for innovation and market-leading “wow.”

At the end of this full-day program participants will have a solid understanding of innovation sparring zones and how to create a sparring culture within their organization. In addition, your managers and leaders will leave this training ready to serve as innovation sparring coaches for their teams and throughout the organization.

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3 Day Intensive Program: Connectional Intelligence and Sparring Program

During this 2-3 day intensive participants learn the importance of creating a culture rich in connectional intelligence, the benefits of implementing innovative sparring zones in a multi-generational and global workforce, and how to use each strategy to bring about change and fast track their results. Erica shares compelling case studies, research and battle tested tactics for getting your organization on board and using these tools to their advantage.

Participants leave this program equipped to serve as master coaches of Connectional Intelligence and sparring.

In addition, they receive six, one-on-one coaching sessions with Erica over the course of one year on how to apply these strategies to current challenges. 

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Each consulting package will be customized to fit your organization’s goals, and may include, but is not limited to:

Round-Tables – Productive conversations among Baby-boomers, Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers in an effort to bridge generations and encourage better collaboration. 

Sparring Workshops – Sparring is a style of collaborative coaching that allows Baby-boomers, Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers to coach and mentor each other, with mutual respect & encouragement.

Company Surveys, Audits and Interviews – These activities are designed to track shifting priorities and opinions and identify areas of generational friction.

A Formal Review – A detailed assessment of your organization’s current generational, cultural and innovation initiatives.

Innovative Policy Redesign I will work in collaboration with stakeholders from multiple generations and leadership levels to re-imagine and redesign your innovation policies.

Executive Coaching – Coaching and support for senior leaders facing leadership and performance challenges.

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